The Feature Hudson Foundation (FHF) is set up as a nonprofit 501(3) organization dedicated to collecting, exhibiting, promoting, sustaining and maintaining the archives and art of Feature Inc. and Hudson. The archives contain published and unpublished writings, correspondence, photographs, moving image material, gallery files, publications and exhibition ephemera that illuminate Feature's program and Hudson's art as well as a large part of his library: magazines, books, exhibition catalogs, newspapers.

Our mission is to ensure the ongoing exposure to, and understanding of, Hudson's creative legacy and vision. To obtain our goal, we promote Feature's and Hudson's work internationally through programming. which includes: exhibitions, lectures, conferences, performances, collaborating on exhibitions and publications as well as presenting artists who were of interest to Hudson.

We started organizing and digitizing thousands of rich visual and textual documentations of Hudson's life and work, to make them available to museums, exhibitions, educational institutions and the general public. Our work to establish a complete catalogue continues and the result of ongoing research will be progressively made available online through the FHF online catalogue.



Jimi Dams (Chair)
Patricia Hudson (Secretary/Treasurer)
Mike DePaola (Vice Chair)


Polly Apfelbaum
Dennis Cooper
Jay Dandy
Matthew Hicks
Frank and Patti Kolodny
Steve Lafreniere
Gracie Mansion
Tracy Miller
Bob Nickas
James Pedersen
Rob Pruitt
Kay Rosen
David Shaw
Sue Stoffel

FHF provides a platform to honor and illustrate Hudson's life as an artist and as an art dealer. Now, more than ever, it is important to keep Hudson's valuable legacy alive. His contribution to the art world and his unique and powerful voice cannot be forgotten. It is the Foundation's mission to foster an appreciation for the work of Hudson and Feature Inc. among the general public, scholars, and art historians. Its work includes:

- Helping the public gain access to Hudson's and Feature's archives
- Digitizing Feature's archives in order to make them available online
- Organizing exhibitions with artists from Feature Inc.'s iconic gallery program
- Providing exhibition opportunities for emerging and undervalued artists and artists that were within Hudson's field of interest.
- Providing guidance and assistance to curators interested in including Hudson's art in exhibitions

FHF is able to exist solely with the financial support of people like you, lovers of the arts. We would be very grateful if you would consider making a tax-deductible contribution. It will allow us to fulfill our mission of bringing the exciting world of Hudson to a large and discerning audience, as well as enriching the lives of you and those close to you. Any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated. Amounts of 800 USD and up will give you primary access to Macie Gransion(Private Arts Club). with its vast array of exclusive and valuable benefits, such as artist talks, film screenings, symposia, concerts and more.

You can help us by using the following link:

or by writing a check to:
Feature Hudson Foundation
87 Rivington Street, Ground Floor
New York, NY 10002

All donors will be acknowledged on FHF's Facebook page and our website unless requested otherwise.